Trump Looks To Make Space Great Again

Look, Trump has made a lot of bad decisions and tossed out a lot of bad ideas  but even the biggest Trump hater has to be for a “space force”. Finally an idea that both parties can get behind, nothing says bipartisanship like conquering space. It worked in the ’60s and Trump’ll be damned if it doesn’t work again now. Americans vying for control of space is as American as apple pie. Then there’s the fact that anyone who is against this is either a foreign agent or alien. All this time Donald Trump has been focusing on the wrong type of alien, whomst would’ve guessed it’d end up being someone from space and not Russia ending this presidency.

No matter who the president is, space truly was the last front for the U.S. to conquer. After giving the Middle-East a shot, the U.S. has nowhere else to go but up, literally. They’ve dabbled with Asia, they’ve ran South America since the ’60s and I don’t think we need a refresher on U.S.-African relations. The military industrial complex needs an enemy and what better enemy to fight then the unknown?

This couldn’t have come at a better time for the good folks,,,, in the gun industry. The hardworking people over at Smith & Wesson can breath easy, knowing that while new gun laws may be coming stateside, Space will prove to be an untapped market and if movies have taught me anything, space is like the wild west. All the gun industry has to do now is figure out how make a gun that works in space. But if they could come up with something as durable as the AK in 1947, I’m sure they’ll be able to figure out this little conundrum.

Trump is proving once again, that he is possibly the greatest cover artist of all-time. As he once again copies an idea from Republican Jesus himself, Ronald Regan. First it was the campaign slogan, now it’s a space program. People forget that Ronald Regan wanted to send frickin lasers into space and call it the “Star Wars” program. Obviously this has a dash of Kennedy, whomst launched the space program. Trump might want to be Ronald Regan but he acts more like a Kennedy… Trying to conquer space, banging “stars”, maybe this guy really is a Democrat at heart…

P.S. Can someone win two Nobel Prizes in the same year? If the U.S. actually conquers space and doesn’t just put the tip in by landing on the moon, then Trump is definitely due some sort of prize and then you have the fact that he may talk North Korea into nuclear disarmament… Or we end up dying in a nuclear holocaust, the point is, Trump truly is a renaissance man and we are #blessed to be living in this great era.


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