If The Nerds At Purdue Can’t Fix Isaac Haas Then No One Can

Screenshot 2018-03-22 19.18.52.png

Isaac Haas went down hard in Purdue’s first round victory over CS Fullerton. Originally him, I and the Purdue Boilermakers thought he was fine, but they would find out later on that he had actually broken his elbow. He would go on to miss their Sunday victory against Butler, after the NCAA said he could not play despite Haas persistence. The issue was, the custom brace Haas was wearing wasn’t regulation, leave it to the NCAA to perpetuate the stereotype that basketball player’s are big softies, when a player is literally doing all he can to get back onto the court.

Enter the University of Purdue’s engineering team. For those of you who do not know much about Purdue, it is known for it’s engineering, it is the nerd school of Indiana. The most famous person to come from that school is Neil Armstrong and one could argue that he is the lesser of all the Armstrong’s. Congrats on going to the moon, you glorified chimp! In Canadian terms, Purdue is Waterloo and Indiana U is Laurier. This is why if the engineering students at Purdue can’t make an NCAA approved arm brace, then what’s the point of the school even existing? People don’t care about engineering, they care about sports. If any one of these nerds wants a job out of school, they’ll treat this project with their life. Nothing lands you a job like talking sports…. I assume, I’ve never had a real interview.

As of right now, the NCAA seems to be holding firm but I’d like to humbly call bullshit. How can anyone at the NCAA judge the merits of this brace? Do they have engineering degrees? Doubtful. I don’t know who decides these matters but I’d like to see their credentials. For all we know they’re some lazy schmuck with an Arts degree and I can say that, because I am literally a lazy schmuck with an Arts degree and I couldn’t tell you the different intricacies of a brace and that’s because I could not give a shit. I have more important things to worry about, like not spilling alcohol on my laptop causing it to be broken for a week…

Purdue plays Texas Tech tomorrow at 9:50pm, so we still have time and I’d contend Butler was a more difficult matchup for the Boilermakers. No matter, Purdue is not the same team without Haas no matter how hard they have tried to replicate him…

Screenshot 2018-03-22 19.35.54.png

Seriously though…. Matt Haarms is literally just a younger version of Isaac Haas, guys are practically doppelgängers. They even got the double-As in their names. It’s uncanny really.



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