I Have To Agree With This French Waiter Who Said “Being Rude” Was Apart of Their Culture.

Screenshot 2018-03-27 15.35.37

No one hates the French more then me, no one. But here at SaturdayMorningIsMyFavouriteNightofTheWeek, we pride ourselves on our fair and balanced ™ news-coverage. That’s why no matter how much it pains me to say, that I have found myself in agreement with this frog waiter. What are the French besides pompous assholes? Sure, their renowned for losing wars but I don’t think that counts as a cultural thing. If that were the case, Irish cultured would just revolve around fighting your Protestant cousin. Cultural things are like beating your kid with a switch or in this case, being mean to North American tourists. What’s the point of having a culture if you can’t even enact it? I doubt Migos would dedicate an album to it, let alone 2. Canada prides itself on it’s multiculturalism and although I’m never opposed to expelling the French from Canada like it’s 1755, I think this excuse plays. If I’m going to a fancy French restaurant, I want an authentic experience and that includes having the waiter shit on me as I mispronounce words and ask if I can have fries as a side.

I hope this case makes it alway to the Supreme Court of Canada. Fuck discussing the legalities of marijuana, I want to know whether a Frenchman can use his culture as an excuse for being an asshole. This could set a lot of precedent. Next thing you know we’ll have a bunch of Canadian Micks driving drunk 24/7. Truly a slippery slope.

This does reinforce the stereotype that Canadians are too nice and quells the idea that we ourselves don’t have culture. Our culture just so happens to be that if your mean to me at a restaurant, I have the right to demand your termination. Some people say PC culture is going too far, maybe it hasn’t gone far enough. If the waiter at Red Lobster doesn’t warn me that their spaghetti noodles taste like rubber, is that grounds for termination? In the mind of this esteemed journalist, ’tis.

P.S. Possibly one of my favourite simpson moments of all-time is the Chowder/Chowda scene.



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