Of Course Elon Musk’s Father Had A Child With His Own Stepdaughter

Put this one in the Of Fucking Course jar, because I have not read a least shocking headline as this. They say the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree and that’s clearly the case when it comes to the Musk’s, as both father and son are fucking weirdos. Granted, Elon’s weirdness has to do with his obsession of wanting to fuck robots but then again, Id probably just want a fuck a robot, if my dad was fucking my stepsister. There’s some things you can block out of your memory but that isn’t one of them. I now understand why Elon is so hellbent on leaving earth but I’m sorry, you may be able to leave this atmosphere but you’ll always be the guy whose dad fucked his stepdaughter and had a child with her. Musk could literally conquer Mars and he’d still have to deal with this seeing as he now finds himself with a new half-brother.

I will concede that had this been his mother fucking her step-son, that would’ve been the plot to some of the most popular porn video’s out-there and most people wouldn’t have found it nearly as weird. Is this a double standard? Perhaps, but it’s just one of the few instances where being a woman is better then being a man. You can fuck your step child and not be thought of as a complete weirdo and you pay less taxes because your making 70 cents on the dollar.

Supposedly Elon and his father are currently estranged and I’m curious whether or not this has to do because Elon realized his father was a fucking creep or if it’s because he still believes in God. Because make no mistake, while me and you would puke at the thought of our parent banging our step-sibling, we are not Elon Musk. For him, the most gross part of this story was seeing your father call it “god’s plan”. Knowing that his father believes in a higher power must drive Elon absolutely nuts! Do you know how embarrassed Elon’s going to be at his next gathering of the nerds? Bill Gates is going to walk up behind him and give him a wedgie while being called a theologian. Sad!

P.S. Who would’ve guessed that Mark Zuckerberg would be having a better week then Elon Musk. What a world we live in.


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