Damien Lewis Is Playing Rob Ford

Folks,,,,, I have failed you all. I pride myself on certain things and bringing you all, comprehensive Rob Ford coverage from beyond the grave was one of them. It goes; Animals, Kim Jong Un, Trump, Ford and here I am, without a clue in the world that they are making a Rob Ford movie. But even more importantly, the titular character is being played by Damian Lewis AKA Major Winters of Easy Company from the greatest thing to ever grace the screen Band of Brothers. Lewis doesn’t really look like the late Rob Ford but Gary Oldman doesn’t really look like Winston Churchill, yet look at what the wizards at Hollywood were able to do for The Darkest Hour and… the only actor who was ever capable to play Ford died 15 years before he was even elected mayor. To think that Run This Town (great title BTW) could’ve been Chris Farley’s Moneyball or Foxcatcher, turning Farley from comedy god to Oscar winner. At least we still have Beverly Hills Ninja.

The film has already garnered some controversy and it shockingly has nothing to do with the Ford family. Instead, the movie has decided to completely forgo the work of female journalist, Robyn Doolittle, instead, director Ricky Tollman decided to create a fictional male character, who will be portrayed by by actor Ben Glatt. Some people might say that this isn’t a big deal but this looks to be the second Hollywood film in less then 6 years which completely destroys a Canadian story (see: Argo). I also don’t understand how the people who are making this movie managed to fuck this up. Everyone is always talking about how there isn’t enough representation and here we have a story, in which the mayor of the 4th largest city in North America is brought down for smoking crack and it’s all thanks to a female reporter with an absolutely wild name. Leave it to Rob Ford to have his whole political career destroyed by a woman who may or may not be able to talk to animals.

Canadian actress and absolute rocket Nina Dobrev is in this film, yet there doesn’t seem to be any word of who’s she’s playing. If I’m the director, I’m making her the woman who convinces Rob to try the crack. We could have a Dallas Buyers Club type of movie on our hands, only, instead of drag queens, it’s about the mayor of Toronto.

I really hope this movie is more of a ‘dramedy’ like the Disaster Artist or Big Sick. Because, while there’s definitely some funny aspects (the crack, running over the old councilwoman) this movie also has a lot to explore. There’s possible political corruption and political bullying, as well as a story of a man who succumbs to his worst addictions and a whole world laughed because he looked like Chris Farley. If Ford looked more like a politician and less like a baffoon, more people probably would’ve sympathized with him before the cancer. Rob Ford was by no means a great or even good guy but if done correctly, this movie can ask a lot of good questions and truly capture what made this such a circus.

P.S. Need to know whose playing Doug?


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