Did Donald Trump Sexually Assault His Doctor?


In what has to be another first in Donald Trump’s illustrious political career, it seems as if the patient was the one doing the illegal touching and not the doctor. You’ll occasionally hear about some creepy doctor or dentist who puts people under with anesthesia and then proceeds to stick a finger where it doesn’t belong. But this has to be the first case of a doctor claiming to be “raped” by one of their clients. That’s what makes this story so troubling, when a medical professional, one who has been entrusted with the President of the United States personal records, claims to have been “raped” I’m going to listen. This isn’t some woman trying to use the #MeTooMovement to sully the good name of; Harvey Weinstein, Bill Cosby, Bill O’Reilly, Louis C.K., Al Frankton, Steven Segal, etc, etc. This is a man who spent years (presumably) at medical school, perfecting his craft. Doctors don’t just throw around rape accusations the way Web MD throws around cancer diagnosis’.

Now, we do live in a society where you are innocent until proven guilty or have the money to pay off your accusers. But Bornstein doesn’t fit Trump’s MO.  Trump’s a lady’s man, that’s why he’s been divorced multiple times and currently has multiple pornstars suing him for defamation. The guy fucks. And if he can’t fuck, well he’ll just grab a gal by the ole pussy (his words, not mine). Last time I checked, Harold Bornstein, born a male, does not in fact have a pussy. Ipso Facto, Trump did NOT sexually assault his doctor.

Time to file this bad boy in the ‘Fake News’ folder.

P.S. Supposedly Trump wrote his own doctor’s note and people seem to think this is a bad thing. Look, when you allow an 8 year old to run for President, you can’t be mad when they start writing their own doctors notes. That’s on you for letting them run for office in the first place.

P.P.S. Donald Trump’s ex-doctor looks like the scientist from Independence Day



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