Were Phil Kessel’s Look’s The Reason The Penguins’ Lost To The Capitals?

Folks,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, objectively speaking, Phil Kessel is the most attractive person in hockey and with the Penguins falling victim to the Capitals for the first time in 20+ years, we have to ask ourselves what went wrong? Maybe Phil Kessel should’ve spent more time putting the puck in the net and focusing less on what he was going to wear to the MET. Kessel of course isn’t the first athlete to put his looks above his play. Cam Newton was famously suspended by head coach Ron Rivera for a series because he didn’t wear a tie to a post-game interview. Disrespecting countless journalists who’ve only had nice things to say about the Panther’s quarterback.

This is why I think it’s perfectly fair to question whether Phil Kessel cares more about his looks or more about bringing home the cup. In the last few years, Kessel has seen his #brand skyrocket has he became an international sex symbol.

Just look at these photos, this is a man who oozes sexuality.

Here is Phil showing off how he achieves his killer bod


Here’s Kessel after a game. They say girls love a guy who takes care of his body. Well the best way to tell if you got in a good workout is by how much you sweat and Kessel is looking like me after a game of Fortnite


And finally, here’s Phil looking a mofucking snack in a suit and top-hat, whilst rocking a cane.

I believe it is abundantly clear that Phil Kessel has gone full diva. In Toronto they said it looked like he didn’t care enough. Then he hits the bright lights of Philly and starts strutting around like he’s the reincarnation of Prince. It’s time for Phil to go back to his routes if the Pens ever want to sniff a cup again. Sidney Crosby hadn’t won a cup in like 6 years before Phil showed up. Snacking on hotshots, all the while still being the fastest man on the ice. It’s time for Phil to put down the latest issue of GQ and go back to reading the McDonald’s menu.


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