Dwane Casey Win’s Coach of The Year* And May Be Fired Within The Hour.

Couple quick notes:

Dwayne Casey and Masai Ujiri are set to have a joint press-conference at 1:15pm this afternoon. No one knows exactly what they are going to say considering just yesterday, rumour broke that the Raptors were looking to part-ways with the most winning-est coach in franchise history. This means there are two probable outcomes from this presser.

The first being that the team and coach have decided mutually that it’s time to move on. Dwayne Casey has brought the Raptors farther then any other coach and even got them the one seed this season. That being said, pretty much every year ends the same, with us finding a new way to lose in the post-season. The Raptors have hit their peak with Casey at the helm but since he’s done so much for the team, he probably deserves a ceremonial firing. Not to mention, I highly doubt he’ll be unemployed for long.

The second and scariest possibility, is that they are going to announce that Casey will be back for next season. This probably seems like the most likely since I don’t know how many coaches have done a joint-press-conference, in where they are fired. If Casey is to come back, I 100% be writing a blog that contains no less then 200 expletives.

As for the award, this isn’t the official Coach of the Year award that Sam Mitchell won way back. This award is voted on by his peers, so one could make the case that they are trying to save his job. It’s no secret that coaching is a fraternity and they hate to see their fellow coaches get fired after successful seasons because that means, they can literally be fired at any time. Coaches were pissed when the Cavs rid themselves of David Blatt, even though they were first in the conference at the time. This is why I could see the coaches voting for him, in one last ditched effort to save his job and their future. I hope it doesn’t work but we’ll have to see.

The real question then becomes, “can Casey still win Coach of the Year if he’s fired today?”. I don’t think any coach has won the actual coach of the year award while being in the job market but we may just witness history next month.


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