Let’s See How Iran Is Reacting To The U.S. Pulling Out of The Iran Deal…..


You know you’ve made the right decision when within hours of your decision, the opposition starts burning your country’s flag and yelling “Death To America”. Granted, some of America’s greatest allies have chanted the same thing at one time or another, so nothing really new here. Plus if there’s one thing the Middle East is good at, it’s there ability to burn flags. I don’t know who makes American flags but there stock price is about to ROCKET. If you got lawmakers willing to make a 2 hour round trip to the nearest ‘Alibaba’s Burning Flag Emporium’ in the sweltering Tehran heat, imagine how many the common folks are going to be buying. No Iranian summer BBQ will be complete without an American flag burning in the background.

A lot of people have been going around saying that this shows Trump made the right decision. I mean sorry America decided 3 years into a 13 year agreement that they no longer wanted to be apart of it. It’s called a divorce Iran and it’s something the Donald has mastered, like deals. I mean talk about sore losers. Could you imagine if an American burned a Quran because Iran backed out of a deal and not because there is only one true god. There’s clearly no dealing with these fanatics. It would be like if someone in the United States put up a statue of Nathan Bedford Forrest and then defended it because it’s a cultural thing. Would never happen.

With Trump being one of the early front-runners for the Nobel Peace Prize, you after to wonder if this will hurt his chances. People are saying that this move could escalate to a full out war in the Middle East. My hypothesis? Trump took a quick glance at previous winners, saw Barry O and said fuck that. Trump has been running a very strict policy of ‘do exactly the opposite of Obama’. You think Trump cares about some stupid little prize? How many buildings have Barrack Obama’s name on them? Checkmate libcucks.

My personal view, is that Trump will likely  regret pulling out of this deal, which is ironic seeing as, had he pulled out of Ivana 35 years ago, he wouldn’t have to deal with this mess.

Also, I don’t want to get to technical, because I’m not the expert on this deal, that’s Donald Trump. But isn’t a deal better then no deal? My math could be wrong but isn’t making Iran wait 10 years to build a nuke better then letting them start off 2019 with a bang?

P.S. Trump has to be so pissed Macron spilled the beans on this. Donnie had a whole 2pm press conference planned yesterday only for the news to break a couple hours beforehand. Have to think Macron was exacting vengeance for the dandruff incident.


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