Drake Responds To Pusha-T, Uses “The Charity” Defense. Still Forgets About His Son.

Eiditors Note: I would like to apologize for not following the murder of Tornto Raptors mascot Drake as closely as I would’ve used to but…. work, so here I am, last to the party….. Now I truly understand ‘Take Care’.


Aubrey, Aubrey, Aubrey, nobody cares that you were in blackface, you are half black, if anything, you’re one of the 1.3 billion people who are allowed to do it. ESPECIALLY when trying to prove an artistic point. Look at This Is America by Childish Gambino, in it, Gambino makes multiple references to Jim Crow and the plight of the black-American. So nobody cares that you were doing this as some sort of social experiment (S/O Marshall Henderson). What people do care about, is whether or not the allegations of you being a deadbeat father are true. Because if everything that Pusha-T was insinuating is true, then it’s a pretty fucking bad look for a guy whose net worth is estimated at $60 million and he can’t send a couple alimony checks his baby-mama’s way.

And the thing is, it’s looking more and more like Pusha was telling the truth. Pusha took shots at Drake’s family, calling Drake’s own father a deadbeat, something I’ve blogged and tweeted about countless times. Drake shouldn’t be mad at Pusha for this part, he should be thanking him. Drake’s dad coming back into his life 3 years after he became an international superstar is one of the biggest “You gotta be kidding” moments in recent history and Drake just lapped it up. I don’t know if this shows how sad Drake really is, in the fact that he’ll lavish his dad with houses and fame, even though the guy left him and his mom to fend for themselves. That would be like me taking in my ex-step dad once I become an international blogging sensation, it ain’t happening (fucker).

Like always, that’s not the main point. Drake apologizing for going blackface was a clear misdirection from the absentee father angle. It’s like when you point out a guy’s an asshole and then he tells you how much he donates to charity, inevitably proving your point. We don’t care that you were trying to prove something that EVERYBODY knows, Hollywood has a representation issue, no one will deny that. Unlike Drake, a man who reply’s to diss tracks within 24 hours, yet has stayed almost completely quiet in responding to Pusha, except for this PR release. We don’t want your H&M apology, we wan yout to address the claim that your a deadbeat.

Hell, I know Pusha said that this was going to be a “surgical summer” and that he was going to peel away at Drake but why even release another song when you can just put this screen cap and mention how he once again forgot about his son. Considering Drake can remember the exact reason for going blackface and even the former friend he did it with, you’d think he’d be able to remember his kid.

If you can’t tell, I 100% believe Pusha, the guy got too personal for this to not be true. Pusha can’t lie about this, especially when Drake’s calling him a fake drug dealer, if he pushes a lie, he’ll have given Drake the W and the streets can’t afford to have another loss to the former star of DeGrassi.

R.I.P Aubrey Drake Graham Né October 24th, 1986, Crippled October 12th, 2005 and killed May 29th, 2018

P.S. Is Drake the first artist to release a “song of the summer” only to get bodied before the beginning of summer? Drake could release a million Nice For What’s and he’d still be deader then dead.

P.P.S. Pusha-T might wanna stay on his toes cause this can only end in bloodshed and Drake knows a “shotta”

Screenshot 2018-05-31 17.02.10.png


P.P.P.S. The fact someone hasn’t photoshopped Pusha-T’s face onto Rick’s body is shameful. Be better internet (so I can steal your content).



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