Should The President of The United States Become Commissioner of The NFL?


Ever since Colin Kaepernick forgot that black people don’t have the right to peacefully protest in the United States, the NFL and politics have become synonymous with one another, especially after the election of Donald Trump. A man who loves the NFL so much that  he even purposefully sabotaged the USFL so that the NFL could go on without competition but more importantly re-acquire real life superhuman, Bo Jackson.

You see, pre-2016, sports, race and politics all remained their separate entities making sure to never overlap or worse, transcend each-other. The reason we retired Jackie Robinson’s number league wide in the MLB is because not only was he the first person to ever win the rookie of the year award but was also the oldest person to win said award for 3 years.

Yet ever since Kaepernick took that knee, the world was never the same and the President was forced to act. Had Obama still been President, the NFL would probably look something like the Wild West, or as Texans owner Bob McNair put it “it’s like the prisoners are running the jail”. Luckily for the NFL, Trump had their back. First, like any good President would do, he pointed out the NFL’s falling ratings via twitter. Were the ratings falling because of players protesting the national anthem and the military or was it because an NFL game now takes 4 hours to complete because of commercials? Sadly, we’ll never know. Then, Vice President Mike Pence was forced to leave a Colts’ game after being absolutely disgusted by a couple players taking a knee during the National Anthem. That… or he realized he couldn’t be that close to a bunch of scantily clad women with pom-poms. Most recently though, the NFL was rumoured to have passed a rule that would force players to stand during the National Anthem or risked being fined. This was huge for the NFL because their number one priority is player safety, combating the excessive domestic violence that’s plaguing the league, ensuring that your players live a healthy and prosperous life post football, appeasing the President.

This is why I believe that we should now make the President also the commissioner of the NFL. The current commissioner is selected by the owners, completely forgetting the people that pay their salaries and for their stadiums, the fans. On the other hand, the President is solely elected by the fans. If Roger Goodell were running for President, he wouldn’t have a shot in hell at winning the electoral college, something the current President has done and refuses to stop talking about. Leaders shouldn’t be chosen by a handful of people, this isn’t Soviet Russia, just cause the committee thinks Nikolai Khrushchev should succeed Stalin doesn’t mean the people shouldn’t have an input. Plus, could you imagine the commissioner having to run every 4 years? It would be a fan’s dream. Having the commissioner dance for us in hopes that we re-elect him or her to continue running America’s greatest export.

P.S. As I began writing this, Trump has doubled down on his war against the Philadelphia Eagles saying that the team “abandoned their fans”. Something, I think we can all agree with. If I’m an Eagles fan, I’d much rather see them at a candid dinner at a place where one wrong joke could see your ass shipped off to Gitmo over my team actually winning the Super Bowl. Personally I think we need to put an asterix besides the Eagles championship. If you didn’t go to the White House, did you even really win the Super Bowl?




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