After a turbulent 5 hours that saw DeMar DeRozan calling out the Raptors for lack of loyalty and reports that Kawhi literally didn’t want to come to Toronto, the Raptors and the Spurs finally agreed to a deal.

I know plenty of Raptors fans are sour about this but they’re also mouth breathers who don’t realize we are still the biggest laughing stock in the NBA. Kawhi Leonard whilst healthy is easily a top 5 player in the NBA, he was able to shut down LeBron in the NBA finals, which led to him winning finals MVP. Do you know what the Raptors have never had? SOMEONE THAT CAN STOP LEBRON! And sure, now LeBron is now in the West but we still need a game changer and DeRozan, despite his regular season performances was not that. There’s also the fact that EVERY team in the East was getting better sans the Raptors. The 76ers are getting older and finally have playoff experience, Boston is getting Kyrie & Gordon Hayward back and the Greek Freak only gets stronger as the days go on. If the Raptors were to trout the same team from last season we’d probably get bounced in the first round but I guess it would be OK to all the #WeTheNorth mouth breathers cause we’d still have their precious DeRozan.

The full trade is as follows:


A straight up player for player with an add on of a protected first. Poeltl was a solid player off the bench but so is Danny Green, Green averaged more points then Poeltl and only averaged 1.4 rebounds less. Yes, he’s older but let’s not act like Poeltl was the future of the Toronto Raptors. As for the first round pick, it’s protected, so on the off chance that this whole season explodes in our face, we’ll most likely end up with our 1st round pick back. And it’s not like the Raptors need that pick, the Raptors are one first overall bust away from having the drafting competence of the Cleveland Cavaliers.

The Raptors trading away DeRozan is definitely sad but it’s not like the Raptors haven’t traded away superstars before and at least this time we aren’t getting Eric & Aaron Williams and a washed up Alonzo Mourning. DeRozan is arguably the greatest Raptor of all-time but when you’re only competing with two other dudes, that isn’t saying much. Especially when one is more known for a dunk contest then what he actually did for the Raptors and the other turned into a dinosaur meme. It’s also come to light that the Raptors seriously considered trading DeRozan for Wiggins last offseason, so just thank your lucky stars that that never came to fruition.

The biggest complaint I think people have about this trade is the fact that Kawhi 99% going to leave at the end of next season and you know what? Good. I’ve been saying for YEARS that we need to blow this motherfucker up. As much as I looooove losing in the first or second round of the playoffs every year, I think I’d prefer to actually make it to the finals and we aren’t doing that with the cast of characters we have now. That’s why this season, we make one last run for the Eastern Conference crown, now that it’s actually up for grabs for once and then after this season, blow it up and wait for LeBron James Jr. & Zaire Wade to bring us to the promise land.

P.S. The trade went through when I was writing a blog about the exact trade but in a very different tone. So I figured I’d give y’all a glimpse at a blog that almost was.




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