The BasedGod Has Endorsed R. Kelly

Earlier today R. Kelly released a 20 minute long song admitting that all the allegations against him are true. I haven’t listened to the song because I don’t believe in giving pedophiles attention and supporting them by giving them streams but then again, I’m old fashioned. Even if R. Kelly wasn’t a pedophile (which he is) I’d never listen to a 20 minute song, that’s preposterous! How far up your own ass do you have to be to think that people actually would want to listen to that?  Then again, we were willing to look past him pissing on 15 year old girls because of I Believe I Can Fly Ignition, so why shouldn’t R. Kelly think he could get away with this as well. It’s worked for the last 20 years, why should it stop now?

Sadly for the ‘King of R&B’ the buck stops here. Thanks to the very much needed #metoo movement, we as a society have collectively agreed that no matter how talented you are, you can’t just go pissing on little girls. That is unless you’re the BasedGod, talk to anyone on NBA twitter and they’ll tell you he is not one to be trifled with. Having ruined Kevin Durant’s career in OKC and James Harden’s in Houston,  like a young Madame L’Angelle, people far and wide feared his curses and dreamt of his blessings. I once believed in the powers of the BasedGod but like a white kid finding Buddhism, I grew up. There’s only one god I acknowledge and his name is John Tavares and his words are delivered to us through his disciple Father Marner.

Lil B and the BasedGod have gotten quite a bit of flack for this tweet and rightfully so. Just because you call yourself the BasedGod doesn’t mean you have to go all catholic on us and support pedophiles. It just goes to show that no matter who you believe in: God, The BasedGod, Allah, Flying Spaghetti Monster or Meryl Streep. At the end of the day, who ever you believe in, is just going to disappoint you when they inevitably support a pedophile.


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