Turns Out Kawhi Might’ve Been Right This Whole Time

Since the beginning of 2018, Kawhi Leonard has been portrayed as the *extreme Tony Montana voice* bad guy, whilst the Spurs seemed like they were in the right when it came to the little kerfuffle between the two. This whole thing started when the Spurs reported that Kawhi was fit to play, all the while Kawhi and his team were saying that he was in fact not healthy enough to play and that’s why he sat out 90% of the season.

This all turned into one of the weirdest NBA stories in recent memory as Pop has never seemed to have an issue with star players and he’s coached a few with David Robinson & Tim Duncan. Toss in the fact that I don’t think anyone had ever heard Kawhi speak, hell even during this whole thing I don’t think I heard him speak once and you have one weird fucking story that culminates with him getting shipped off to Wall and sees DeRozan sent to Charles Barkley’s least favourite city in the world.

Collectively, everyone took Pop and the Spurs side as they’re Pop and the Spurs, so who are we to doubt them? That was until this news broke. You’re telling me that for the whole season, no one on your medical staff was able to detect that Danny Green had a torn groin? JESUS FUCKING CHRIST, no wonder Kawhi wanted to sit out the whole season. Who does Pop think he is, Mike Shanahan? It’s one thing to try and blow up RG3’s knees, with all his corny bullshit but Kawhi? For shame Pop, for shame.

Then again, should we really be surprised? The Spurs are the NBA’s Patriots and will use any tactic to win either a game or trade. I know people might make the argument that Golden State are the Patriots because they’ve had the most recent success but Golden State doesn’t have a “way” like the Patriots or Spurs. Sports aren’t fun for them, it’s work and if you can’t perform, they are more then willing to find the next man up. Had Curry been drafted by the Spurs, he would’ve been shipped out by his 3rd season.

I don’t think this news should effect the trade seeing as Danny Green was just the cherry on top of the Kawhi Leonard cake. And luckily for DG we have universal health care up here, so he can tear all the groins he wants and it’s on the house. Welcome to Canada Danny.

P.S. I don’t want to victim blame but clearly DG wasn’t laying the pipe this season. JR Smith would’ve known in a heartbeat whether or not his groin was torn.


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