Blue Jays Trade Away J.A. Happ For A Bag of Balls


WILL TORONTO MANAGEMENT EVER SHOW ANY LOYALTY? First DeRozan & now our beloved Happ, I guess winning 20 games just doesn’t secure your place on a team like it use to. Sad!

All jokes aside, this trade sucks, like walking in on your mom blowing Santa sucks. Happ was arguably one of the most sought out pitchers in the MLB this trade deadline and we traded him for one shitty MLB-er and some prospect that has as good a chance of making the team as I do. If this was the best deal that Shapiro & Atkins could get, then we should’ve held onto Happ, give the fans something to enjoy, but this? This just continues their 5 year plan to destroy the Blue Jays from within, these guys are fucking drunk at the wheel and no one seems to notice. And this isn’t Gibby drunk at the wheel (something’s he’s mastered perfectly) we’re talking two grade A nerds who just had consecutive shots of tequila drunk. Whether it was letting Edwin walk or thinking that Morales could somehow replace him, these two Cleveland fuck bois have done nothing but squander all the goodwill the Jays had built in a few years time.

I mean I refuse to believe that this was the best possible deal we could’ve secured considering we got Hernandez for Liriano and he was pitching nowhere near as well as Happ has been since his return to the Jays’ in 2016. Then you pile on the fact that he’s playing within the division AND we may have just secured the evil empire a World Series’ ring. Disgusting! Couldn’t we have shipped him to the NL or just ANYWHERE BUT THE EAST! But alas, here we are. In the dog days of summer with nothing to look forward to but a couple more shitty trades that are probably on the horizon. Will we get a rosin bag for Smoak or maybe we can reacquire the MLB fastest cleanup crew for Stroman? The point is, the future is full of possibilities and they’re all bleak.


P.S. I can’t believe how good Happ was for the Jays during his second stint. I scoffed when he was our “big” signing of that offseason and boy did he put me in my place. This man went out every game and pitched his balls off and I got nothing but respect for the guy. I hate the Yankees but at least Happ will have another shot at a WS.

P.P.S. Need Vlad jr. & Bo like I need air


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