Pussification of Canada Continues: Victoria To Take Down Their John A MacDonald Statue

J A 2

First they came for the moose statues, and I did not speak out, because I was not a moose statue. Then they came for the Prime Minister’s statue, and I did not speak out, because I was not a statue of a Prime Minister.

People of Canada, today we are at a crossroads as the city of Victoria (if you can even call it that, more like a town. Am I right fellow Ontarians?) has planned to remove their statue of our first Prime Minister John A MacDonald and thus best Prime Minister from their city hall. Now I know what you’re thinking, just because he was our first Prime Minister doesn’t mean he was our best, well tell that to a certain man named George Washington, ever heard of him?

The whole reason the city is taking down the statue is because the indigenous community has deemed it offensive because he was one of the main architects of residential schools but people forget that the other architect was the catholic church I.E. God, and I don’t see anyone tearing his character down. Not to mention, if you didn’t want to attend residential schools, why did you guys all cross the Bering Straight 12,000 years ago, if not to make sure you got your kid into the best school? As someone who’s grown up in Regent Park, I know a thing or two about gentrification and it’s that you get in while it’s cheap and reap the rewards once whitey comes buying everything up.

And are we really gonna let cultural genocide ruin the reputation of a once renowned politician. John A MacDonald is the only politician in Canadian history to be so drunk that he actually threw up in the House of Commons while delivering a speech. They just don’t bread that type of politician anymore. Justin Trudeau would probably have a glass of chardonnay and call it a day. He’s also the reason we are even able to build statues of him out in BC. If it wasn’t for the Chinese John A MacDonald the Canadian Pacific Railway would’ve never been built and sure he might’ve greased some palms to get it done but that’s just what businessman do.

Now were left with what do to next? Do we just tear down all our racist statues like some sort of critical thinking country or do we defend our founding fathers who we never think about to our dying breath. In this authors opinion, it’s the latter.

P.S. Kind of xenophobic of the indigenous community to go after John A MacDonald, a man who was born in a different country and worked his way up to Prime Minister of an ex British Colony. Truly the colonial dream.


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