Israel Is Slowly Being Overrun By Crocodiles


At least their letting someone occupy the West Bank, am I right Palestinians?

It’s safe to say since it’s inception, Israel has had to deal with it’s fair share of problems. It’s had the Arab world unite in order to try to wipe them off the face of the earth multiple times, had a couple of their athletes executed at the Munich Olympics (who would’ve guessed the Jews weren’t safe in Germany) and now they are being overrun by goddamn crocodiles. People forget that just like the Great Wall of China, the Western Wall was created to fend of ferocious beasts and if you don’t believe me, just ask Matt Damon.

Personally, I don’t like the slander the Israeli media is putting out about these crocodiles. 1st, I’m pretty sure the Israeli’s have killed more people in the last two months then these almost dinosaurs and secondly, I thought we had moved past sex shaming. “The crocodiles are breeding at an alarming rate” sorry these crocs are just trying to get their fuck on. If you don’t want people to fuck on your beach, then don’t make it so appealing, have you ever seen two star crossed lovers doing it on the sandy shores of Somalia?

My only worry if I’m Israel is that these turn out to be anti-Semite crocodiles. I don’t know where the crocodile community lands on the whole State of Israel situation as it’s been toxic since day one but I’ve also never heard them condone the holocaust…. So there are definitely some unanswered questions out there.

It would be quite the turn of events if the Animal-Human War threw in a religious wrench.


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