Is Drake The Greatest Excuse Giver Of All-Time?

Possibly, quite possibly.

Earlier this summer Drake was murdered by Pusha-T after Pusha aired out all of Drake’s dirty laundry including the fact that he was an absentee father. Drake proceeded to take this time to continue to ignore his child but apologized for taking a photo in blackface, which I don’t think anyone was angry at Drake for but when people start asking about a kid you’ve been ignoring, there’s no better time to bring up blackface. That’s PR 101 type of stuff.

Well as of today, Drake is back with his excuses and this time, it’s truly breathtaking. Yesterday was suppose to be the first day of the ‘Drake And The 3 Migos’ tour (an objectively awesome tour name) in Toronto. They were slated to perform yesterday, today and tomorrow. This never came to be as it was suddenly announced that the concert scheduled for the 20th had been postponed for “circumstances beyond their control”. Given the supposed show that this tour is (flying Mercedes’ and all) it would make perfect sense that the concert venue just wasn’t prepared for the sheer je ne sais quoi that Drake & Migos were going to bring. But instead of just biting the bullet like so many artists do, Drake went and did the most Drake thing possible and said he cancelled the show to surprise a sick girl. Now look, surprising a sick girl by all means is good but saying that the whole concert was postponed because of this is HORSESHIT.

Drake didn’t visit this girl at 8 or 9 pm, he saw her in the middle of the day, so acting like that’s the reason your concert was postponed is pretty shitty. He’s pretty much just put all the hones on this girl. As if it wasn’t for the fact that he had to surprise this young girl, the concert would’ve still proceeded but because of her sick ass, Drake was sadly forced to postpone his first tour date, forcing Migos to go to the VMAs instead. Maybe Drake’s just trying to take the heat away from Migos and all the flak they’re getting but if they knew the concert was being postponed it’s not that hard for them to get from Toronto to NYC, so I think people are even blowing their appearance out of the water.

This excuse highlights the facade that is Aubrey Drake Graham. He’s a kid from affluent neighborhood and who starred on one of Canada’s most famous television shows as a  teenager, yet felt entitled to release a song called ‘Started From The Bottom’, on ‘More Life’ Drake featured approximately 200 English artists as he seemed to have just figured out that the UK is home to black people (whomst would’ve guested), then he acts like hiding his son was his decision from the start. You see Drake didn’t want his kid exposed to the limelight and turning into a young Riley Curry, he wanted to keep his kid grounded and had it not been for that dastardly Pusha-T, Drake would’ve gotten what he wanted to and now we have this. A bunch of people pissed off at him on the internet for cancelling a show and what does he do, acts like it’s all cause he was doing charity to make YOU the bad guy, not Drake.

Drake is the Rap game’s LeBron not in the sense of talent but in the sense that they will never be able to accept the role as the villain. LeBron hated the heat he got for going to the Heat (no pun intended) just like the second Drake gets a whiff of criticism he goes and puts up a big billboard saying how much he loves the “6” or plays Fortnite with Ninja or in this case visits a sick girl so that people will get off his ass. Well not me Drake, not me.


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