I Love Doug Ford’s Plan of Not Acknowledging Global Warming

Recently news broke that Premier Doug Ford was clamping down on his administration even discussion “climate change” because he knows that it’s impossible to lose a battle to something you don’t even acknowledge as existing. This strategy of ignorance is bliss has me once against agreeing with the man whomst’s sink I once pissed in.

Think about it, before the natives of South & North America acknowledged the existence of Europeans they were flourishing. The Aztec capital of Tenochitlan had more people living in it then the two biggest cities in Europe combined! But instead of just ignoring the incoming conquistadors, pilgrims, etc, allowing for them to fend for themselves and inevitably die. They went out and helped these new people showing them how to survive in the new land and how were they repaid? Killed off either via war or disease. Point Dougie.

On the other side of the spectrum you have the tribe who lives on the North Sentinel Island in the Bay of Bengal. This tribe has warded off any attempt to make contact with them and are one of the last few truly untouched tribes in the world. You think these people worry about global warming? Hell no, they’re too busy fucking on the beach whenever someone gets to close and tries to film them (along with a bevvy of spears and arrows). These people have survived for thousands if not tens of thousands of years by actively ignoring the world around them and they’re doing just dandy. And if you think this has nothing to do with global warming well suck on this. While Ewan McGregor and Noami Watts were getting their cracker asses torn apart by the 2004 tsunami the people of North Sentinel Island had already moved to high ground ensuring minimal casualties. Suck on that nerds.

People act like Doug Ford is some bumbling idiot, the political equivalent to Kevin Farley if you will. But what they don’t acknowledge is his worldliness. Doug Ford clearly watched a YouTube video on these people and saw that they’re method of ignoring the world around them has led to their survival and he’ll be damned if we’re outsmarted by a group that hasn’t even discovered the concept of beer let alone “buck-a-beer”.


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