John Wick: Parabellum Is A Lock For All The Oscars In 2020


The John Wick franchise is the greatest thing to ever grace this earth, that isn’t a statement but a matter of fact. Anyone who’s known me for the last couple years knows I’m a HUGE John Wick fan. It’s one of the movies I’ve seen the most if not THE most. I have tweeted about the original movie and it’s sequel over 25 times, seriously. If you search @McFultz1percent and John Wick, you will see over 25 tweets spanning the last 3 years, including one that mentions that I had watched the movie 3 days in a row. In the summer of 2015 I easily watched the movie over 20 times, every time i’d get home from the bar, I’d toss it on, whenever friends were over, I had to show them this movie. Most doubted that it could be THAT good, as at the time it was relatively unknown and it’s not like Keanu was making heaters but every single one of them grew to love the man, the myth, Baba Yaga himself, John Wick.

It is my belief that the first John Wick is the greatest action movie of all-time. Almost every great action movie gets bogged down by some stupid love story like in The Town. John Wick doesn’t do that, instead it kills off his wife in the first 3 minutes and that’s not even what spurs him into action, no-no-no. It’s the death of his new puppy (purchased for him in advance by his  deceased wife), this leads John (an ex-assassin) back into the world he once lived, killing scores of Russian in the process. We are also introduced into the cool world of assassins like the Continental Hotel ran by Ian McShane’s character. The Continental is a hotel that specifically houses assassins on the basis that no blood can be shed on Continental grounds.

The second movie brings us even deeper into the assassin world with one of my favourite scenes in the whole franchise as Wick peruses a gun shop with the help of the house Sommelier. It’s cool little quirks like that, that turn John Wick from standard action flick into cult classic. Because I’m a dumb person, I actually didn’t like the second one on first viewing, which I now chalk up to nerves. I didn’t know if the second John Wick could rival the first and worse, would it ruin the franchise. Instead it gave us a second installment that makes Die Hard 2 look like The Hangover 2 and The Empire Strikes Back look like Die Hard 2.

This brings us to John Wick 3 or John Wick: Parabellum we don’t know much about it yet besides the fact that John will have to deal with the repercussions of the last film and that it has an all-star cast featuring the likes of Lawrence Fishburne, Halle Berry and Jason Mantzoukas. Well last night/early this mourning we were gifted with this beautiful shot from the upcoming film. In it we see a horse riding John Wick gunning down a man on a motorcycle, I don’t know how John Wick ended up on a horse but I cannot fucking wait for him to ride down the streets of NYC gunning down people like a modern cowboy. Some people might question how a man on a horse could beat a man on a motorcycle. Well that’s just thing, John Wick isn’t a man, he’s the Baba Yaga, “the man you send to kill the fucking boogieman” a man who can complete the most impossible of tasks and… kill a guy with a pencil.

John Wick 3 comes out in May of next year giving us less then a year to re-watch both of the first two films 30 times each before the debut and if you haven’t seen any of them yet, do yourself a favour and watch them. It has cute dogs, some of the best action scenes of all-time, a shockingly succinct story, dope cars and wastes none of your time by filling the film with love story’s or pointless dialogue. If I had to use one word to describe the series so far, it would be “flawless”.

P.S. If by the end of this franchise John doesn’t arm his dog with a gun or at least a holster so that it can carry guns for him then what was the whole point.

P.P.S. I wrote this blog in two separate sittings cause I got distracted and both times the blood rushed to my nether regions re-looking at that photo.


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