The Colts Were Back For The First 30 Minutes of the Game, Yesterday

For the first time in 616 days, Andrew Austen Luck played in an NFL game, the excitement in my 10 by 10 apartment-style dorm room was palpable. Finally, I could truly give a fuck a football game. No offense to Jacoby Brissett (literally) but Young Brisket only started cooking every few weeks and even when he did, the Colts still fucking sucked…

But this year is different, we finally got our starting QB and if my countless games of Madden have taught me anything, not too shabby and most importantly we weren’t being coached by by grit coin inventer and walking cliche, Chuck Pagano. It was the beginning of the new Reich.

The game started off amazingly as the Colts defense picked off Andy Dalton on the first play of the game, Clayton Gathers only had one person to beat before making it to the end-zone but was unable to avoid a perfect wrap tackle by the Red-Rifle himself. Sadly, all the rust had not yet warn off Luck and he returned the favour by throwing an interception the next play. Look, if Luck didn’t throw a shitty interception early into the game I would’ve been worried, that’s just what that modern caveman does, you can’t take it out of him. He’ll throw a shitty pick early on, only to have ice in his veins once the fourth quarter starts.

On a whole Luck played solid, besides that first pick, he got back into his groove and looked like he hadn’t actually missed 616 days of football. He could’ve looked a lot worse and has, but after throwing that interception. Luck settled down and ended up throwing 2 touchdowns and 319 yards. Not to bad for a guy who hadn’t thrown a regular sized football until July of this year.

The Colts went into halftime up 16-10 but the Bengals slowly started to mount their comeback. Like death via a million paper cuts the Bengals were able to score 24 points in the second half, whilst the Colts were able to produce a measly 7 points in 30 minutes of football. Not good! Although starting off hot, it was clear that there is still tons to improve including their ability to close out games, it was only week 1 so I’m not going to overreact but we can’t have this team rely solely Luck, need to hold the leads he secures. Despite these shortcomings, it still looked like we were all going  to witness the Luck’s patented comeback… but then… tragedy struck as Jack Doyle fumble the ball in the Bengals redzone and the Bengals returned the ball 83 yards to score a touchdown and secure the W as they won 34-23.

I don’t want to sound cliche but despite the losing, it felt like that was a statement loss. The Colts weren’t perfect but played just good enough to almost get their first season-opening W in what feels like a millennia. Also, the only part anyone truly cared about was how Luck played and besides that early pick, Luck looked good. Once he was able to get comfortable, he looked like he hadn’t missed a beat and had it not been for Doyle’s fumble, probably would’ve even got a W in his return. Most importantly, he didn’t die. There were plenty of times where I thought he may just explode but every time, he held firm. Will he be able to survive a whole season? Only time will tell. But what I do know is that the Colts finally look competent. Something they haven’t in a few years now.

Next week the Colts go to Washington to play the Redskins. Personally, I think they’re gonna get the W but I also thot they were going to win yesterday. But if we can get can start this season 1-1, I’d be happy.

Colts current record: 0-1

My Prediction: 9-7


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